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Feeling neglected by his/her partner

Feeling neglected by his/her partner

Feeling neglected by his/her partner

You are in a relationship and you feel ignored by your partner, somewhat neglected ? You would like him/her to pay more attention to you? Why is he/she so distant with you? Among the tumults of married life, the lack of attention is a real time bomb. We are not necessarily aware of it, or we have difficulty reacting: how to make him/her change his/her behavior towards you? Feeling neglected by his/her partner is the first step of re harmonization.
This situation can quickly put your nerves to the test, but you can turn the situation around and get back to a more harmonious and balanced relationship.

Understand the situation:

You are the first one to text or call him/her, to ask about his/her daily worries. You are always wondering if he/she is thinking about you… So you feel totally abandoned… But on your side, you are always waiting for a sign from him/her…

If you are in this situation, you must have wondered why your other half is so stingy in his or her attention towards you? Is it so difficult to give a little attention?
Hard, no. But if your partner is convinced that you will always make the first move, he/she will not take the initiative to do so!
To reverse the roles, and make your partner understand how you feel, create a form of uncertainty in him/her by putting a little distance. This way, he/she will understand that you feel abandoned! Moreover, show yourself less present and don’t jump on your phone to answer him/her. This change of situation will destabilize him/her and the questions that you were always asking will be imposed on him/her this time. You should not be afraid of this distance that you will establish. It is the push your partner needs to become aware that he/she must be more present and take more interest in you.

Why should you react this way?

First of all, to feel better. This incessant questioning undermines your morale and your self-esteem. It is important that you keep control of your love story and your emotions, so that you are not always in need of attention.
It is not a question of questioning the feelings that your other half has for you. On the other hand, it is simply necessary to make him understand that this excessively detached behavior makes you doubt. Moreover, it creates a climate of uncertainty that neither of you wants to create.

Take the opportunity to refocus on yourself:

The mind becomes lighter and the nerves unravel when you no longer focus on what the other person is doing. Take advantage of this lightness to update yourself in all your personal projects. All that you had put aside because “your head was not in it”.

Overcoming this vicious circle is essential to avoid falling into a situation of emotional dependence!
The return to positive thoughts will allow you to be more effective in everything you do, both personally and professionally. Your entourage will clearly see the difference and so will you.