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Our method
Guerda International

At Guerda International, our international luxury and VIP dating agency, we have an efficient and personalized method. For the first step of our selection process, it is suggested that you register on our website, or call us directly, so that we can introduce you to the agency. After that, our love-coach, Guerda de Haan, will contact you to arrange an appointment with you. The interviews will take place in his office or in the most luxurious hotels. However, Guerda de Haan can also come to your home if you wish.

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agence matrimonial Guerda Londres

Nevertheless, after a carefully analyzed physical interview, Guerda reserves the right to refuse its services to people who do not meet the criteria of our prestigious agency. Considering that our clients are professionals or the people who come from a high socio-cultural background, Guerda guarantees your well-being and will take care to make you feel at ease. During this appointment, our coach will take an interest in your professional and emotional life, your personality, as well as your manners. In other words, having a good education remains one of the key values of Guerda International. Simplicity and being yourself is Guerda’s advice, in order to be able to identify you easily.

Analysis and Coaching by Guerda

Taking her job very seriously, Guerda will take care to establish your file with you. After having analyzed your personality and determined your long-term expectations, our matchmaker will propose a personalized coaching. After having adapted her services to your image, it will be easier for her to create your profile. In addition, after validation from you, she will put it online on our website. All this, allows you to become a member of our international top of the range matrimonial agency. This allows you to consult the other profiles put on line. You will remain anonymous and all your personal data will be kept by our team members. In order to have a more absolute discretion, you will feel free to use a pseudonym.

Matching at Guerda International

Guerda and her team carefully  select the profiles. The objective is to put in contact the profiles that can easily be matched. After a careful analysis, we establish the connection by sending the contact details of the selected profiles by e-mail. Finally, they will have to get in touch and meet each other afterwards.  Guerda remains as a backup, following the evolution of the relationship from a distance and will intervene if necessary after the members have given their feedback.


Guerda's follow-up

Indeed, Guerda wants everything to go well. This is why she asks for a debriefing after each meeting in order to evaluate the strong and weak points and thus better redefine your expectations. If necessary, Guerda and her coaches will provide you with the appropriate support, such as a makeover or a personalised seduction phase. Our renowned matchmaker will make sure to help you reach your goals and hers as well, which are to help you find love and happiness.


Guerda de Haan

Possibility of a "break" in your contract

In the meantime, have you found love ? Or you simply prefer to take your time or go on a trip, you will feel free to put your contract on Stand-By. Indeed, Guerda International provides you with breaks, in order to give you all the time you need. You will be able to reactivate your contract whenever you want. At Guerda International, your well-being and satisfaction are our priorities.