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Who is Guerda de Haan ?

A love-coach recognised throughout France

Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Guerda de Haan has been a life coach. As well as  a true professional in love relationships for over twenty years. With numerous appearances on TF1, France 2, M6, C8 and NRJ12, this lively and vibrant woman is always determined.  She always seek   for new challenges. Over the years, she has received many honors and has become a reference in the high-end dating sector. Through her high quality international matrimonial agency, she is known for her expertise. As well as  her incomparable success rate. Guerda is today considered as the archetype of love-coaches, both in France and internationally.

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Guerda de Haan
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Life journey

Coming from the Dutch bourgeoisie, Guerda decided to settle in France. As soon as she arrived, she was able to put her singing talent to good use. She was  performing once a week in a very famous Parisian pub accompanied by one of her guitarist friends. She performed for a few months and won several amateur competitions. It was during one of these competitions that she was noticed by a photographer who made her his muse for several portraits. He decided to introduce her to a casting director. Guerda was selected to walk the runway for prestigious brands all over France and internationally.

A true artist, Guerda does not hesitate to take on new challenges. She thus frequented the most sought-after places in the French capital. The love coach travelled all over the world. Once spotted again, Guerda became a comedian and actress. She  played in television series and films. A true autodidact and through her multiple travels, she is now multilingual and speaks four different languages: French, English, Dutch and German. Guerda is a sunny and very sociable perso. Her personal qualities have enabled her to build up over the years a very extensive address book. As well  a   portfolio of French and international clients.

After creating France’s first premium matchmaking agency, Elite Connexion in 2006, Guerda feels proud. She  accomplished to have conquered the entire country in love service. Taking her vocation very seriously, her satisfaction lies in power to bring happiness and stability to the lives of those she meets. The choice of the dating sector as her main activity is not insignificant. Indeed, Guerda has always been perceived by her entourage as a “sentimental therapist”.  Many of her friends still refer to her as “Cupidon”. She has chosen to specialize in the high-end area because she has always been in this socio-cultural environment. Guerda knows how to accompany her clients in their search for the ideal partner. Always looking for new challenges she has the idea of expanding Elite Connexion under the name of Guerda International. A high quality international matrimonial agency to connect singles, widows or widowers, divorcees from all over the globe.

Who are the members of Guerda International?
Guerda de Haan
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Guerda International

High-end international dating agency

Why Guerda International?


After the success of the prestigious Elite Connexion agency, Guerda de Haan’s professionalism and instinct for love relationships no longer need to be proven. She and her team of personally trained heart-hunters are all at your disposal to help you meet the person you’ve been waiting for the person you have been waiting for.

In addition to being financially independent, to be a member of our agency, it is compulsory to have a deep humanity and a great depth of heart, but also to be fluent in English. This high quality dating agency is therefore aimed at all ages, but from the same socio-cultural background.