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Milestones in the history of gay marriage in France.

Guerda Internationale, your premium international gay matchmaking agency, is interested in the LGBTQ cause. Which is why we bring you these articles and laws that have changed the world and the history of gay people. Gay marriage has only been in force in France since 23 April 2013. France being the 9th European country to have allowed gay marriage. Unfortunately, many debates were violent and heated, reminding us that the rights of homosexuals. In particular their right to create a family, still divide many French people today.

4 August 1982: The decriminalisation of homosexuality.

One of the major advances with the election of François Mitterrand was the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1982. Under the impetus of Justice Minister Robert Badinter. More precisely, the law abolished all criminalisation of homosexuality involving people over the age of fifteen, the age of sexual maturity. The second cancels the aggravation of indecent assault if it is a homosexual act. In addition, all police records of homosexuals are destroyed. The history of gay marriage in France began.

Before this date, the penal code of 1791 already decriminalized homosexuality. Napoleon’s civil code in 1810 did not go back on it, but homosexuality was still deeply rejected by French society.

The 4th Republic described it as a social scourge. In 1968, France even ratified the OMS’s classification of mental illnesses, which included homosexuality. It only withdrew it in 1981. It was not until May 1993 that the OMS no longer considered homosexuality a mental illness.

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15 September 1999: The vote on the Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS).

The Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) was adopted by the National Assembly despite protests from a section of the population. Allowing people to associate without living together or meeting the legal requirements for marriage. It was primarily conceived as a step towards gay marriage. But it is precisely this point that is the subject of debate. The right and traditionalist and Catholic associations do not wish to endorse a text that recognizes homosexual couples by giving them a status. However, the PACS was a rapid success for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

The PACS gives new tax and inheritance rights to homosexuals.

23 April 2013: Legal authorisation of same-sex marriage

With the adoption of this law, France becomes the 9th country in the European Union to allow gay marriage, and the 14th country in the world.

Gay marriage was authorized in France by the law of 17 May 2013. This law now makes it possible for married homosexual couples to adopt each other’s children. But also  for married couples to adopt their spouse’s children.

Nevertheless and unfortunately… the concerns of some closed-minded people about this law, gave rise to anti-gay marriage demonstrations. The context of the anti-gay marriage demonstrations is leading to an increase in homophobic attacks.

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