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Are you ready to redo your love life?

Are you ready to start your love life again?

Is your celibacy starting to weigh you down? Do you want to get your love life back on track or at least get back on track to meet someone you care about? But are you really ready for that? Are you ready to fall in love again? Guerda International gives you some tips on how to find out.

Don’t start a relationship out of spite

The best time to start or launch a new love life is when you have successfully resolved your problems and are no longer looking for new friends. You are then strong enough to start a new relationship on an equal footing. Even if there is a sense of urgency, even if other feelings appear such as fear of loneliness, sexual desire or the desire to have someone to raise your children, these are not sufficient reasons to embark on a new love adventure because the pressure on your partner will be too strong. On your side, you will be in a situation of dependence and your relationship will fail in the short term.

Investing time and energy

Embarking on a new love adventure requires a strong personal investment. It is important to know this and to ask yourself the question: am I ready to invest myself entirely in a love life? Am I ready to make efforts to improve the quality of the time I spend with my partner? This personal investment is essential to the success of a relationship.

Distancing yourself from the past

This availability is also crucial to rebuild your love life. You and your partner must leave your past behind to take a step into the unknown. Staying open to the suggestions of the other, making new contacts, living in a new environment, accepting to start again in the unknown with someone else, such are the means to be implemented to launch out in a new love life