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Being demanding in love

Although being demanding shows a certain maturity and stability, it can sometimes prove to be a hindrance in love. A demanding person is aware of what he or she wants or doesn’t want, and doesn’t want to waste time in his or her love relationships. However, it is necessary to be able to moderate one’s demanding side and to know how to show empathy towards the other person at the risk of pushing him or her away and causing a break-up.

Why is being demanding necessary in love?

On the one hand, being demanding can be necessary in love. Indeed, when you are demanding, you know what you want. Thus, we know what to expect and we can anticipate the continuation of the relationship.

The requirement avoids the frequent waste of time in the love relationships. As a result, we move forward faster and more serenely. The requirement is useful in order to progress in the good way.

It leads the couple to associate a goal to the love relationship instead of remaining in a relationship that does not evolve. Moreover, demanding people have a strong character so there is no risk of influence of external events on the couple.

Demands are a love killer

On the other hand, too many demands can be a hindrance to love. A relationship involves two people who, sometimes, have evolved in different contexts. There are common characters but also a vision of things and different opinions.
A person who is too demanding will tend to take over the other person by monopolizing decisions or attention. Moreover, he or she will also tend to reject the other person’s opinions because he or she thinks that he or she can do better than the other person. In this situation there is no reciprocity. The relationship is one-sided and this can cause the couple to fall apart.

Demanding sometimes indicates too much self-esteem. A demanding person tends to think that he or she deserves someone in his or her image. As a result, they tend not to lower their standards, which sometimes makes it much more difficult to find the right person. It is important to know how to lower one’s ideals; in order to see the other person and to get to know them without telling oneself that this person is not worth it.

Knowing how to balance things out

In short, too many demands complicate the possibility of building a healthy relationship. In a love relationship, it is important to be able to meet the other person and accept him or her as he or she is. You must be flexible and prove it to the other person. It is important not to try to transform the other person into our perception of the ideal person, even if it is normal to know what we want and what we do not accept.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, if you are demanding, this does not make you difficult people. However, you must be able to find a balance in order to build a healthy and lasting relationship.

Be demanding but not to the point of making the other person want to run away.