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Gestures to trigger seduction!

Gestures to trigger seduction!

In a seduction approach, words are not the only arguments that can turn the scales on one side or the other. Our body language, the non-verbal language, speaks for us up to 80% when barely 20% of what we say is really heard and interpreted. Indeed, there are gestures and attitudes that unconsciously speak to the other person and show that we are interested in them. Even that we are frankly attracted to him or her.

The mirror technique

As its name indicates, it consists in copying the gestures and the attitudes of the person who faces you. Indeed, it consists in establishing a relationship of complicity and implicit confidence. As a rule, this is what we do unconsciously. Especially with people we like and with whom we like to spend time.

On the other hand, during an argument, we tend to desynchronize our movements. Gestures and voice are no longer in harmony.

If you are talking with someone you want to seduce, subtly imitate their gestures to bring more confidence and create a real connection between you.

2 specific techniques

Nodding: if you agree with the person you are talking to, don’t hesitate to show it. Also, nod regularly so that he/she feels heard, understood, so that he/she knows that you are interested. It is a feeling of well-being and fulfillment that leaves a pleasant memory of your exchange.

Keep a safe space: be careful not to stay too close to your interlocutor. Indeed, if you are less than 50 cm from his face or body, you enter his “bubble”, his personal zone and you risk creating a feeling of discomfort. Your chest should be far enough away, but nothing prevents you from being tactile. In fact, you can touch his hand, shoulder, arm, etc.