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Get to know yourself better in love

Love stories have their share of disappointments. Indeed, to find the ideal partner, it implies first of all to know oneself well and to be in agreement with oneself before launching into a new story. When the end of our last serious relationship goes back to some time, we quickly get used to celibacy, to the advantages and disadvantages that it involves. Whether you’re a bit of a romantic, thinking you’ll find love around every corner, or whether you’re coiled up in the cocoon of celibacy, it’s important to know how you function in love. Guerda International teaches you on how to get to know yourself better in love.

Indispensable steps to get to know yourself better

Whether we like it or not, a moment of introspection and questioning automatically follows a breakup. What did you retain from this relationship? What did he/she bring to you and what did you bring to him/her in return? Did you miss something to be really happy in this relationship? It is not about blaming yourself or the other person. It’s about understanding each other’s behavior, and especially your own, to avoid making the same mistakes later on.

Be patient

When you meet someone, if you want the magic to happen, you have to be ready to live this meeting. If you feel the need to share and build a story with someone, if you feel ready to give this person a place in your life, then give this meeting a chance. There is no point in rushing into it or going against your will, you will fail miserably in this case!

If it is often easier to express clearly what you don’t want and what you don’t like, rather than what you want, you will nevertheless have to play the game to determine on which criteria you base your search for a soul mate. What do you expect from a future relationship? Define the criteria that seem fundamental to you, the characteristics that you really want to find in the other person. Among these criteria, some are inevitably secondary in your search. In the long term, which ones do you consider essential? Knowing what you are really looking for in your partner gives you a better chance of meeting people with whom you have similar or complementary expectations.

How to act when a meeting seems to be full of hope?

Complicity, sharing, interaction are important. Moreover, you should not hesitate to reveal your true values, who you are. Life projects, vision of the couple or the family, intimate life, character, hobbies. In short, what you can bring to the other in a relationship, commitment … Without unpacking everything as a shopping list, the more you are clear with yourself and with the other. The more likely you are to meet the person with whom you can live a sincere story. Get to know yourself better in love so you can prevail happiness and satisfaction.