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How to seduce with your eyes ?

Seduction involves many factors. Not only your way of speaking, of dressing or of holding yourself allows to indicate to your interlocutor that he/she is interested in you. However, there is another element that also contributes to it. Without actually saying a word, the way you look at him/her also counts. Look at him/her. But be careful not to let it become heavy, awkward or inappropriate, because the person you want to seduce could then leave. Here are some tips on how to seduce with your eyes.

Establish the 1st contact

As you must know, seduction is often played out in the first few minutes. In a few moments, we know unconsciously if we are attracted to the other person or not. It is the same for looking at a person. If you don’t do the right thing from the start, you risk seeing your chance pass you by. It’s up to you to take the first step and make that eye contact. This will show that you have confidence in yourself, which often tends to attract people. Indeed, as a general rule, everyone likes to be looked at. So if you make the effort to look at him/her specifically when you’re in a crowded room, you’re sure to get noticed.

The first furtive glances

It is not a question of arriving with your big hooves and ogling the desired person with heaviness. On the contrary, to make him/her notice that you are looking at him/her, start by glancing in his/her direction a couple of times. Look at him/her once, look away and then quickly do it again. You will already have a first impression if the person has sustained your gaze between these two quick glances. By looking at a person briefly more than twice to follow up, you are showing them that you are interested.

Keeping a smile

How to seduce with your eyes and sustain this seduction. By combining your looks with a nice, frank, warm smile, you are communicating not only with your mouth, but also with your eyes. Don’t forget to install a connivance between you and put the other in confidence with your smile.