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Love and Desire

One of the more interesting, and at times baffling, parts of love is that we are profoundly tempted to want to own our partners physically as well as appreciate them. The beginning of love is usually signaled by a bizarre behavior in which two organs that are ordinarily used for eating and speaking are rubbed and forced against one another with increasing power, accompanied by saliva flow. A tongue that is ordinarily used to produce vowel sounds or push mashed potatoes or broccoli to the back of the palate suddenly travels forward to meet its opposite, whose tip it may contact in repeated staccato motions.

We can only begin to comprehend the function of sexuality in love if we acknowledge that it is not always a substantially more joyful tactile sense than a scalp massage or eating an oyster from a strictly physical standpoint. Nonetheless, having sex with our partner might be one of the most pleasurable experiences we ever have.

The reason for this is that sex provides a significant psychological delight. Pleasure we feel stems from an idea: being permitted to do something extremely intimate to and with another person. The body of another person is a highly secure and private space. Going up to a stranger and touching their cheeks or between their legs would be quite impolite. Sex involves a significant amount of mutual permission. We’re inferring to another person by our unclothing that they’ve been assigned to a small, tightly regulated group of people, and that we’ve bestowed an incredible privilege on them.

Sexual arousal is a psychological phenomenon. What turns us on isn’t so much what our bodies happen to be doing. It’s what’s going on in our heads: acceptance is at the heart of the types of experiences we refer to as “being turned on.” It feels physical – the blood beats quicker, the metabolism alters, the skin heats up – but below it all is a totally other type of change: a sensation that our seclusion is coming to an end.

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