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Loving each other with an age difference

Loving with age difference

An old adage tells us that we do not necessarily have the age of our marital status but the age that our contemporaries give us. The age difference in love is always a subject that unleashes passions. Between the defenders of universal love, and the fierce opponents to a love between two people of different generations, the subject is still alive.

Understanding Loving with age difference in a couple

It is not easy to define the notion of age difference within a couple because it remains very subjective.

Ask around and see what is the “acceptable” age difference for a love story. You might be surprised…

For most people, a 5-year gap is a maximum that should not be exceeded. For others, it can be up to 10 years.

Everyone has their own ideas. It is always difficult to determine if there is a commonly accepted age difference or not.

It should be noted that women are more permissive than men. In fact, women set the age gap between 8 and 12 years old, while men consider that a gap between 5 and 10 years old is sufficient.

Age, the choice that can’t be explained

For some people, age should be a criterion of choice, just as eye or hair color can be.

But everyone has their own tastes and if some like blondes, others prefer brunettes or redheads.

The same goes for age. Some people will prefer to turn to someone more mature, more experienced. Others, on the contrary, will prefer to go to someone younger, just to live a new passion. Being the same age as your partner is not a guarantee of joy, happiness or well-being. Instead of wondering how to live with the age difference in your relationship, know that the important thing is the passion you put into the relationship. Loving with age difference can be something common depending on the criterion.

The important thing is that you find happiness with the person you like, regardless of age.