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My partner attracts all the women, how to react?

Partner attracts all women

My partner attracts all the women, how to react ?

Being in a couple is never a long quiet river, because it is necessary to know how to make compromises so that each one lives fully this singular relation. But how to react when your partner turns out to be a seducer ? How to react when your partner attracts all the eyes around him?

Is it true or a fantasy?

At first sight, if your partner is with you, it is because he chose to be, isn’t it? Even though jealousy is a natural feeling that can be exacerbated by specific problems, it’s hard to do anything but notice how much your man seduces other women. Suddenly, you begin to wonder: is it me? Is it my fault? Should I leave him alone? Why are all these eyes on him? Aren’t you the one who is catalyzing the other women’s looks and mistaking them for envy? It is essential, at first, to take a step back from this situation and ask yourself the right questions. Is my partner a real seducer? Has he or she ever been flirted with in front of you? Perhaps these first questions will already help you put things into perspective.

A question of trust

For your partner who attracts all the women as for you, the key word in this situation is trust. If this is true, perhaps your partner needs to reassure himself about his power of seduction. If it’s you, maybe it’s you who lacks confidence. Whatever happens, don’t hesitate to communicate, to discuss between you. Ask him to reassure you, but not too often. Don’t let the situation escalate, don’t let it drag on and dot the i’s and cross the t’s to find out what’s going on. Based on this fact, send him warning signals, let him know that you care about him, that you are good together. Finally, take the opportunity to get closer and do some activities as a couple, away from the eyes.