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Should we tell each other everything as a couple?

As a couple, should we tell each other everything?

When you’re in a relationship, you sometimes wonder if you should tell your partner everything. If some couples get lost in lies and other omissions, it is not very appropriate to reveal everything either. Communicate yes, but how much? What to say? What to hide?

To this question, some people think that you have to reveal everything when you are in a relationship. Secrets are not allowed. Transparency is the key word! We know that dialogue and communication are essential to the success of a relationship. Knowing your partner well allows you to deepen your relationship, however, too much transparency can sometimes lead to the opposite result. In certain situations, silence is therefore recommended.

If some time ago, the fusional couple was a model, today each one must have its independence, its autonomy and its secret garden. One must always keep a certain mystery. Not telling the other person everything does not mean that you are lying to them. You must protect your garden but also open it from time to time to invite your partner and show him that you trust him. To reveal yourself, each one has its own recipe. It is not because you start a relationship that you have to reveal ¾ of your secrets. The important thing is to find the right measure.

Does everything have to be said?

So, the love past does not have to be revealed from A to Z. And if you do, you should keep certain details to yourself in order to respect your partner. Indeed, your partner may not be ready to hear certain things that could hurt him or at least destabilize him.

When you are in a relationship, there are also other subjects that require a lot of thought before speaking… or not. Among them, infidelity: should you admit it or not? It is really necessary to think about it because it is a delicate subject that can have strong consequences. The best thing is to talk about it only if you have a real desire to make things right. Don’t do it to unload (it weighs on the partner) and even less to brag.

In short, remember that everyone has a right to their own story. When two people meet, that’s when their story begins. Of course, it’s perfectly normal to want to know your partner. It’s not about keeping everything to yourself and not communicating. It’s just a matter of trying to find some balance and thinking about the consequences of our words in relation to the subject.