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The signs of newborn love

The signs of newfound love

Of course, when we think we are falling in love, there is the famous “coup de foudre” which seems to be an excellent indicator. From the first glance, from the first words, does this rush of the heart really resemble the budding love?

It would seem that true love is made up of uncertainties, as if a battle was beginning to be fought within us. As a result, our body, our gestures, our reactions betray us and speak for us.

Here are the signs of newborn love that you will be able to recognize in yourself as well as in your partner.

Sign 1: You blush

Your body always speaks first, even if you ignore the signs it sends. Stress, anxiety, the desire to do well or to look your best, causes adrenaline to rise. In return causes your heart to speed up and you to sweat. All of this releases dopamine and endorphins that cause blood vessels to dilate. It is in the cheeks and neck that you blush the most easily.

Sign 2: Your voice changes

This is particularly the case with women where the tone of voice seems to rise a tone, they adopt a higher voice while men take a voice more hoarse in order to seduce.

Sign 3: You are clumsy

The signs of newborn love can be characterized by wanting to be interesting but only managing to come out with banalities. Wanting to make an impression but only succeeding in spilling your drink or tripping. The body wants to express itself instead of words, it wants to show all the emotion that overwhelms you.

These clumsinesses are indicators of a love disorder, that he or she is making you lose your means.

Sign 4: You resist

Of course, you are not like that, it is not possible, it is not your type! And then, it is too early, or too much… It is an indisputable sign of a budding love, the resistance is natural because he or she destabilizes you unconsciously. You try to get back on the right track by reasoning, you are afraid of your desire, but behind this reticence, a flame is being born.