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When is the right time to move in together?

Are you starting to think about living and settling down together and wondering if it’s the right time? Of course, it has to come from both of you, but if it is, then it’s probably the right time! The one where the desire comes from both members of the couple and overcomes the worries. On the other hand, be careful! If you’re waiting for a sign that would assure you without a doubt that it’s the right time for both of you, you’ll wait a long time without maybe ever taking the step. Settling down together is an important step in a relationship. It is necessary to take things seriously, to foresee them, but without being afraid of everything, because in this case, you never launch out!

When is the right time to move in together?

Warning: To move in with the man or woman you met last week is almost suicidal and is purely unconscious. On the other hand, if you have known each other for a few months, if you have respectively your toiletries and certain things at each other’s place. But it’s been a long time since you’ve spent an evening alone without being either at each other’s house. Then things become clearer… If you finally don’t feel the need to be alone for an evening or two. So that travelling back and forth between your two homes now seems ridiculous to both of you. Then, for sure, you are ready to take the plunge.

Moving in together is a change in your respective lifestyles and a real commitment. Forget about moving in together just for the sake of convenience, for example because one’s apartment is bigger than the other’s or the rent is cheaper. Of course, living together can improve your daily life from a material point of view or facilitate contingencies. But your real desire to live with the other, to share everything and your feelings must take precedence over the rest.

Even if the ideal would be to live on love and fresh water, this is unfortunately Utopia. Organize your life together by making things clear from the start. Who does what and who pays what? Divide the rent in two or share it according to your respective salaries. The same goes for the expenses of your “nest” as well as the expenses inherent to living together. It is often recommended to have a joint account for household expenses. But also to keep a personal account for each one’s personal expenses.

If these things are anticipated from the beginning, they will leave all the room to the blooming of your couple, to your future projects and this without any grey area.

Think carefully before settling down, the decision must be made together. Don’t rush into anything without thinking it through, but if you are ready and want to, don’t put it off too long or you’ll never make the move. You can consult Guerda International for more advices.

So, good luck settling in!