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How to cut ties with your ex?

How to cut ties with your ex?

A breakup is never an easy step. While some people try to win back their ex, others try to cut ties by any means necessary. But what advice should you follow to reach this final step? What are the traps to avoid?

Why cut ties with ex?

When you’re just coming out of a breakup, you often go through a period of “floating” where you don’t really know where you stand. Suddenly, you are deprived of a part of your view, but this period is inevitable to move forward and move on. This is an essential time to think about where or how you want your ex to fit into your life.

Cutting ties can be beneficial in many ways, especially after a long relationship. There are too many memories, too much shared experience and a simple friendship is not an option at all. So, instead of keeping the pain alive, you break off all contact. A radical way, but one that has the power to help you heal from the breakup and move on.

5 tips for successfully cutting ties

Keep your mind busy

When you’ve just broken up with your partner, it’s sometimes hard to get over them. To begin to cut ties with him/her, it is essential to occupy your time, but also your mind. The goal is to “distract” him/her so that you don’t have to think about him/her again. Discover a new activity or dive into something you’ve been putting off for months.

Don’t idealize him

When you’re in a relationship, it’s often the case that your relationship is in total fusion. Consciously or not, we start to like what the other likes, to see the world in pink. And when the daily life gets involved, we almost forget who we have in front of us so much we seem to know each other. With this breakup, take advantage of it to “open your eyes” and take an objective look at your ex’s personality, character and intentions.

Was he/she really this person who deserved all your love? Did he/she really consider you? Becoming aware of who your ex really is allows you to cut ties more effectively.

Focus on your work

It may sound trite and cliché, but work is a great lifeline to living better after a breakup. Indeed, work is the rhythm of your daily life: it forces you to have schedules and “deadlines” for each task. It is essential to invest yourself if you want to progress in what you do. On the one hand, you will be tired at the end of the day so you won’t have to dwell on your relationship with your ex. And on the other hand, with such an investment, you can be sure that your efforts will pay off and that your work is appreciated.

All of this will help to give you courage and confidence.

Refocus on yourself

Ask yourself what your priorities really are? Do you want to get back into sports? Get a promotion in your job? Get back into a social life with your friends? Do you want to go to the movies and exhibitions again? Everything is now possible, you have a boulevard in front of you and everything remains to be created. You have the power to give a new direction to your life and to do what you like and what really suits you, so go for it!

Meet new people

Finally, the last piece of advice would be to meet new people.

Whether it’s a simple fling or just making new friends, there are a thousand and one ways to bounce back. You know the saying “when you fall off a horse, the important thing is to get back on”? It’s exactly the same thing after a breakup. To cut ties with your ex and forget about him/her, conquer the world and meet new people!