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How to rekindle the flame within the couple?

After a while, the love that settles in takes away from the passion and the feeling of love. Fortunately, it is possible to find the flame of the first moments. Provided that you are willing to blow on the embers! It is common that after a number of years of living together and all the happiness and problems that have been experienced or overcome together. Such as, children, work, family, money, we are no longer in love with each other or we are in love differently.

This article discuss the following problematic: How to rekindle the flame within the couple?

Those who have already spent a few years together know that everyday life is like a flame that only needs to be rekindled, we love each other deeply.

But sometimes, a little twinge in the heart sends us back to the years when the sweaty hands, the trembling heart, the impossibility of moving away signaled our state of love.

It is this state that we sometimes miss. The flame is always present. We don’t worry about it, but it tends to fade with the routine and worries of everyday life. It is then urgent, we must react and make sure to revive this flame!

This article discuss the following problematic: How to rekindle the flame within the couple?

How do you go about it?

Falling in love again means conquering and reconquering again and again. It is feeling a vital energy, being on the side of the life drive.

To live in a couple is to accept to lose the extraordinary for a secure ordinary. But it is necessary to do much more not to lose oneself! So know how to take the risk of letting go a little security, of comfort. To do this, you have to go towards the fantasy and let your imagination unfold and let it go to meet the other’s. Above all, you must not be afraid to talk. Or to confide in the other person your worries about the loss of this passion that makes you alive!

How to do it?

Play games. Propose a fake dating dinner where you pretend not to know each other. Also, ask the questions you no longer ask each other. Rediscover together desires that you no longer had. This is a good time to rediscover yourself together. Take the time to find yourself by taking care to free up time by splitting your private life and your professional responsibilities.

Know how to talk about your feelings and fight to win back your other half.

In two words, give yourself time for what matters most, your relationship. Then your passion will take over!