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The infernal circle of jealousy

The infernal circle of jealousy takes a turn. When jealousy takes on too much importance, when it becomes sickly, it quickly becomes a nightmare… as much for the one who lives it as for the partner who suffers it.

But is it possible to get out of the infernal circle of jealousy? How can we do it?

What is sickly jealousy?

From simple suspicion to interrogation, it is expressed in a thousand and one ways. First of all, we must redefine what jealousy is: it is an emotion that runs through most of us.

While it can be healthy and stimulating, showing interest and love for your partner, it can also be a way of asserting your partner’s importance and become a proof of your attachment. Jealousy, when it becomes unhealthy or even sickly, is a negative feeling of insecurity that haunts you constantly.

It is truly an emotional malaise that makes you possessive, blind, irritable and suspicious. Unquestionably, the couple takes a dangerous path. A person who gets into this spiral cannot stand it when a third person comes close or far from his or her partner.

How to get out of this invasive jealousy?

The infernal circle of jealousy is vicious. Once jealousy shows its face, it is difficult to get out of it. Talking with your partner is often not enough to reassure, especially in the medium and long term. The anxiety and need have become so irrational and obsessive that it is necessary to confide in a third party.

This can be a friend, a colleague at first, but the jealousy takes an important turn. Moreover, it is preferable to consult a specialist who will be able to find the right therapy to learn to love again and to let oneself be loved.

Putting words on the origin of this feeling, identifying fears and anxieties allows to find a feeling of appeasement. Exercises, such as theater, are also good ways to help you regain your self-confidence. Indeed, a creative or expressive activity allows you to feel good about yourself, to let off steam and to think about something else.

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