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The keys of a stable and long lasting relationship

Being in a relationship is great, but maintaining it is even better! Indeed, making a relationship last requires efforts, and this on a daily basis. So what are the keys to making a relationship last? Our agency Guerda International offers you three fundamental elements for you to be eternal lovers. So, what are the keys of a stable and long lasting relationship?


Many people consider communication to be the most important and crucial aspect of a couple’s relationship, helping to make it last. Our agency also agrees: communication is essential. Communication is simple, contrary to what you might think. Got a problem with your partner? Just talk to them. Keeping everything to yourself is not the solution. Empathy is also a human value to be developed and maintained in a relationship. Developing empathy is not complex, you just need to be attentive to your partner and sensitive to their emotions.


In addition to communication, trust is also important in a couple. Trust must be present towards your partner but above all towards yourself. Set barriers that you do not want to cross, but above all, trust each other! If your partner has chosen you, it is for good reasons: no need to worry. Do you find it difficult to trust? Dialogue, respect and communication should be at the heart of this process. You can do it!


The keys of a stable and long lasting relationship come in all forms. A lack of attention in a relationship can quickly become problematic and cause the flame that brought you together in the first place to be lost. It is therefore necessary and essential to put in place small, spontaneous and loving gestures on a daily basis. There is no need to go overboard, sometimes a single little word is enough. This will show how important your partner is to you, which will actively contribute to making your relationship last.